Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are escorts legal in the bahamas?


  • Are Escorts allowed at Bahamar?


  • Are Escorts allowed at the Atlantis Hotel?


  • How much for an Escort?

    300 dollars per hour plus taxi fees

  • Do you have any 150 dollar Escorts?


  • Could this girl stay all night for $400?

    The hourly rate is 300 dollars plus the average taxi fee of 50 dollars. Why would we charge 50 dollars more for her to stay for 6 plus hous? So, no.

  • Would I be able to pick her up from home to avoid the taxi fee?


  • Would I be able to take my escort back home to the United States?

    Yes, but only if she has a US VISA.

  • Would you be able to find an Escort to marry me?


  • If I marry her, are you able to convince her to stay with me forever?


  • Do you have any shemales?


  • Do you have any men to dance and have sex with my wife?


  • Do any of the girls offer services for me and my wife?


  • I am in Exuma, could any of the girls come and visit me?

    Yes of course! There are daily flights from Nassau to Exuma.

  • Could anyone make it to Bahamar in 15 minutes?

    No because our teleportation device is currently in for repairs. She should be able to get there within 30-45 minutes though.

  • Possible to pay with casino chips?


  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    Cash, Crytpo, Zelle and Cashapp

  • I am coming on a cruiseship, is there in-call that’s near?

    Yes, we have an in-call location near the port in Nassau.

  • Do you allow quickies in the car?


  • My buddy is in my room sleeping, would I be able to have hook up with her on the beach?


  • Could the girls just come and hang out at the pool with us for free?


  • Could she meet me in the casino for 3 hours and we go to the room for an hour and I pay for just the hour in the room?

    No. Time starts when she’s with you. So that’ll be a total of 4 hours.

  • Are you able to give me a deal for four hours?


  • I sent you 10 grand, how long until the girls are here?

    If it’s more than 4 girls, it would typically take about an hour to get them all to Bahamar or Atlantis.

  • I really like this girl, I will send you 20,000 dollars to end her contract.

    Sure, which crypcurrency address would you like to send the funds to?

  • My jet lands at 1 pm, how long until she makes it to the Rosewood?

    We have a private chaffeur that could pick you up with the escort in the vehicle waiting for you. Or, we could have her at the hotel at 130 pm sharp.

  • Do you have petite girls available?


  • Do you provide Bahamas Escorts in Canada?

    Unfortunately, we do not provide Bahamas Escorts in Canada.