Paola Female Escort Bahamas

Venezuelan Escort

| 23 Years Old

1 hr | 300 USD | Nassau, Bahamas

Category: Venezuelan
Language: Spanish
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brunette
Hair Length: Long
Height: 5′ 1″ / 155 cm
Weight: 117 lbs. / 53 kg
Cup Size: 32B Cup
Services: DUO, erotic massage, outcalls, and full service

Are you bored? Looking for a refreshing and exotic girlfriend experience? Meet Paola, a Venezuelan Escort in Bahamas who has graced runways throughout Europe’s top escorting agencies with her unparalleled exquisite beauty. You will undoubtedly enjoy her class, elegance and charm and have the night of your life as she gives you a tour of the high end Bahamas night life. For those special upscale gentlemen who are educated, generous and desire an experience out of the ordinary, she is the ideal escort for you. You are sure to get envious looks and endless compliments while in the company of this stunning escort. Her voluptuous body is guaranteed to blow your mind. With a dark tanned soft skin, flowing brunette hair, full lips for the hottest of kisses, C cup breasts and a perfect curvaceous body she is a true goddess. She makes for great company and will engage you in witty conversations in addition to giving you her undivided attention. Her playful giggles and enchanting smile are guaranteed to keep you entertained the whole time while in Bahamas. Your first impression of her is more than likely to blow your mind because she dresses to impress and trust me, you will be impressed. Do not be fooled or intimidated by her appearance; she is warm, intimate with a slight kink to give you a delightful experience that will arouse you beyond your wildest expectations. Allow her to spice up your routine and show you a good time.

Why Choose Latinas In Bahamas Escort Agency?

Unlike the many unprofessional Escort Agencies in Bahamas, we value professionalism and only cater to clients that value our services. We also deal with with a selected group of individual escorts and partnered with other Escorting Agencies in the Bahamas. Our partnership with other agencies ensures that you have a wide variety of options to choose from. Latinas In Bahamas Escorts, aim to please and in no way will you be judged for wanting basic human interactions. 

All Latinas In Bahamas escorts and agencies are required to provide real information as well as modeling videos before we meet them in person for verification. We have never and will never partake in the old bait and switch scam that has been quite popular within this industry. We value our time and our clients and would never partake in such scams.