Erection During Sex

How to Keep an Erection During Sex

Did you know that 16% of men reported having paid sex at least once in their lives? There’s no shame in the game, everyone has a sexy fantasy that they want to bring to life.

If getting and maintaining an erection is a concern for you, you might be hesitant to book Latina escorts. We’re here to help you make your fantasy come true.

Keep reading to learn how to keep an erection during sex.

What Makes an Erection Last Longer?

There’s more than one way to have a good sexual experience, but if you struggle to maintain an erection, you might be limiting yourself. If you find yourself ejaculating too early or sexually dissatisfied, you can make some changes.

To improve your sexual responsiveness and ability to stay harder for longer, try these natural remedies:

      • Change your diet

      • Regularly exercise

      • Cut back on alcohol and quit smoking

      • Reduce stress

      • Prioritize sleep

    It’s possible that your sexual health is being impacted by your overall health, which is why you should try these methods before moving on to medications.

    Prescriptions for Longer Erections

    If you have a healthy lifestyle and still struggle to maintain an erection, make an appointment with your doctor. It’s possible that you have erectile dysfunction (ED).

    ED is when a man struggles to get or keep an erection long enough to complete sexual activities. These persistent challenges can affect the quality of life.

    Erectile dysfunction is common and men may experience these struggles at least once in their lifetime. There are four medications approved by the FDA to treat ED, including:

        • Viagra

        • Cialis

        • Levitra

        • Stendra

      You can get these oral medications through your doctor. They work to improve blood circulation in the penis to help with better sex.

      You can also manage erectile dysfunction by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

      Work With Your Sexual Partner

      Whether you are in a relationship or having sexual relations with Latina escorts, working with your partner during sexual activities can help with erections.

      Communicate about what you like to increase intimacy and reduce anxiety. Latina Escorts will make you feel comfortable so that you don’t feel any pressure around the need to perform.

      Exploring new things is also a great way to get and keep harder erections. Be open to new approaches to sex, such as:

          • Using a penis ring

          • Trying role-play

          • Utilizing foreplay

          • Focusing more on pleasure rather than sexual performance

        If you do have erectile dysfunction, take prescribed supplements and medications before engaging in sexual activity for a better experience.

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