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How to Make Your Escort Squirt

For many clients, making their escort squirt is still an unfulfilled fantasy. Seeing your escort cum and shiver with pleasure while she squirts is a very special experience and the perfect way to end an unforgettable booking from Nassau Escorts at Latinas in Bahamas.

However, making an escort squirt may not be easy due to meeting time constraints. So, here are a few tips to help you enhance sexual pleasure by seeing your escort squirt like a porn star:

Hygiene First

Before your booking with Latinas in Bahamas, pay attention to personal hygiene. Our escorts are particular about their client’s hygiene, so ensure that you bathe and clean yourself beforehand. Moreover, the better you smell, the more the chances of your escort getting aroused. Make sure your fingers are clean with short nails that won’t hurt the escort when you finger her.


Take your time with the preliminaries and focus on making your escort feel relaxed and aroused. She will be all yours for the moment, so explore all erogenous zones and feel the warm breath as she moans while sinking in pleasure. You can always ask your escort about her likings and work your way across her body.

Oral Sex

Using your tongue, stimulate your escort’s clitoris to get her more excited. Explore her vagina and surrounding areas with your tongue and use licking motions to get her wet and aroused. Maybe tease her a bit by slowly kissing her inner thighs and then start licking.

Find the G-Spot

If you’ve never done this before you may require some time and practice to locate the G-spot. But all that effort and patience is worth the sexual pleasure of seeing your escort squirt and shiver with orgasm.

While you and your escort Bahamas are in the oral play act, gently insert your finger into her vagina. Using a water-based or gel-based lube can help your finger glide in easily. You’ll find her G-spot in the direction of her belly button, at the top of her vagina. If you feel something spongy or rubbery, that’s her G-spot. Gently massage this point and feel your escort moan louder and louder. Apply pressure to the G-spot using come here actions from your finger. You’ll feel the G-spot swell up, and if you’re doing it right, your escort would soon be ready to squirt with excitement.

Insert your ring and middle finger and use back-and-forth motions to build up the squirting orgasm. Use gentle movements first, then increase the pace gradually as long as your escort is comfortable. Soon you’ll see your high-class escort from Latinas in Bahamas squirt with full dedication.

You’ll probably need to shower after being drenched with the sexy ejaculation of your escort. Your escort can join you for a steamy shower if you still have time. This way, you can continue your sexual adventures in the bathroom.

What are you waiting for? Book a high-class escort with Bahamas Escort Agency today and enjoy your hot and sizzling session while making her squirt.

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