Venezuelan Escorts

Venezuelan Escorts

Venezuelan babes are known around the world for their exceptional beauty. While you are in the gorgeous Bahamas, discover an even greater piece of heaven by spending some time with a Venezuelan escort. Satisfy your desires and experience your threesome fantasyDiscover new heights of sensual delight. Make a booking for a day, an evening, or a couple of hours with a genuine Venezuelan escort for the time of your life.

Venezuelan Escorts in the Bahamas

Walk along the beach with her. She wears the sexiest bathing suit you have ever seen! That sheer overskirt adds a little mystery, but sometimes you just have to take a few steps back to walk behind her. There is nothing more enticing than the swing of the hips of Venezuelan ladies walking on sand!

Our Bahamas Escort Agency facilitates professional introductions for you while you are in Nassau. Make some bookings before you arrive, to be sure you can spend time with the girls you prefer. Check out the photo gallery to see just how incredibly enticing the Venezuelan escorts are.

We bring you Venezuelan girls with unparalleled charm and sensuality. The country is known for beauty pageant standards. Women with incredible figures, gorgeous hair and smooth skin make their way from South America to Nassau to spend time with you. Their Spanish accents make them sound almost as exotic as they look!


Treat yourself to some special time to enjoy yourself. The Bahamas offers secluded beaches and unsurpassed clear ocean waters. So, add some titillation to your schedule. Learn more about what makes you tick, live out a long-time fantasy, or just spend some relaxing, uncomplicated time in the company of a woman who has your needs as her priority. Take away memories to last a lifetime as you luxuriate in the company of our Venezuelan escorts.

Make Your Fantasies Come True with Latina Escorts

We promise nothing but the best. The best service. The best Latina escorts. And the best time ever!

Eat, drink, flirt, and bask in the glorious Bahamas sunshine with your Bahamas Escort. Take a tub of champagne or ice-cold beer. That Nassau escort of yours will wear her tiny bikini with that slinky cover-up that shows the tiniest bit of her butt cheeks as she walks. Spend some time on the beach making each other laugh.

Have a light snack of ice cream from a vendor or pick up a picnic hamper from your hotel restaurant. Then, sit back on that secluded sandy beach and enjoy the view of the ocean and the beauty sitting beside you on the beach towel. The beaches in the Bahamas are some of the best in the world, so make the most of the tropics by being at least a little naughty!

Venezuelan women in the Bahamas love beach picnics. Just a couple of beach towels or a blanket, some snacks and something for shade. Find some trees or bring an umbrella and you are all set! Then, in just minutes, you’re ready for a romantic picnic on a tropical beach in the Bahamas!

Some beaches offer comfortable seating. If it’s there, take advantage of it. Make sure there’s shade as it doesn’t take long to get burned. Sunset picnics are extra romantic, and you don’t need to worry about finding shade. Go over the top and bring her some beautiful flowers.

Time on the Beach in the Bahamas with Latina Escorts

If you are headed out to the beach to spend time with your lady, bring finger food. Enjoy the sensuous activity of eating with your fingers. Spills are no problem! Tantalize and tease each other as you flirt and have fun! Bring some cheese, nuts, veggies, mini sandwiches, chips, and desserts like cookies, brownies, or strawberries. Ask her what she wants to drink. Chilled wine? Cold beer? Or champagne? Maybe lemonade? A fruit, water? And always plain water.

If you want to have some real fun on the beach with your lady companion, bring something fun like a frisbee or a beach ball. Bring a book to read aloud or just share intimate conversation on the beach with your Bahamas Escort. Celebrate the time with your Latina Escort in a unique setting on the beach

Spend a Few Hours or a Whole Day with a Bahamas Latina Escort

Take your time. Spend a few hours or a whole day with your Bahamas Latina escort. You choose. A Latina escort is a delightful choice for discreet, no strings attached dates. These ladies are an exclusive, high-quality captivating company. You’ll love to spend time chatting over the dinner table as you flirt with this woman of your dreams! And just think about what you’ll get up to afterwards…

You can enjoy a short date with your Bahamas Latina escort. She’ll simply meet you in your hotel room and take it from there. But if you are ready to take it to the next level, enjoy a private VIP date for several hours or for an entire day! You can walk on the beach, go out dancing or to the casino, and top off the evening with sensual, hot, incredible sex like you’ve never experienced before.

This real woman becomes your invited guest. She treats you with admiration, respect and consideration as she is always discreet. So, as a gentleman, you can have a romantic day far surpassing anything you have ever imagined!

The minimum booking is 2 hours, but many clients prefer to set up longer bookings, especially overnights. If your booking lasts more than 24 hours, there are a few things to keep in mind, so both you and your escort are comfortable.

Write To Us If You Looking For 24Hr+ Long Booking with a Latina Escort in Bahamas!

Remember to Eat! – At Least 3 Meals a Day

Dates often revolve around food choices. When you take someone out on a date, coffee or lunch or dinner is often the premise for spending time together. Sharing a table increases intimacy, offers conversational topics (what do you think of the fish?) and ensures everyone gets fed. Most people eat 3 meals a day. But diets are personal, so not everyone eats 3 times a day. And how much people eat varies, too.

Sometimes you may find that your food schedule is very different from the meals of your escort, so please be sensitive to her nutritional needs. You’ll need to provide at least 3 meals at your expense, but also regularly check in with your escort by asking if she would like something to eat or drink.

Everyone Needs to Sleep - At Least 6 Hours a Night

Sleep is different for everyone, too. Your Bahamas Latina Escort needs enough time to sleep, so your time with her awake is amazing. You can “spoon” sleep together or sleep in separate beds. That’s your choice. Then enjoy your breakfasts in bed and refreshing morning showers.

For the most part, longer dates with an escort flow naturally. She readily takes the lead sometimes, but your preferences will always be her priority both in and out of the bedroom.

Venezuela Escorts

Different Kinds of Experiences with a Latina Escort in the Bahamas

Every client and every escort is different, so it makes sense that as you spend time together, each experience will be different, too. But the time you spend together tends to fall into a few basic categories. Some encounters start out one way and move into others as intimacy levels increase. And when you book several times with the same Latina escort, naturally, your relationship gets closer as you start to learn more about each other and get to know each other better.

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