Escort Par Excellence | Angelica

Nationality Location Language
Colombian Grand Bahama Spanish
Age Eyes Hair
22 Brown Brunette
Height weight Cup Size
168 cm 55 kg 34B Cup


Duration Incall Outcall
1 Hour $200 $200
2 Hours $400 $400
3 Hours $600 $600
4 Hours $800 $800
12 Hours $1500 $1500
24 Hours $2500 $2500

Escort Description

Angelica is a companion who breaks the mold with her distinctive charm and captivating allure. Her unique blend of sensuality, passion, and indulgence sets her apart in the world of companionship. This article delves into the exceptional qualities that make Angelica an unforgettable companion.

Standing tall at 168 cm, Angelica has a slender figure that exudes grace and elegance. Her soft skin glows with a radiance that mirrors her vibrant spirit, and her natural nose adds an extra touch of authenticity to her stunning appearance. Weighing 55 kg, she embodies the perfect balance of strength and delicacy, making her an epitome of feminine beauty.

One of Angelica’s most appealing attributes is her 34B bust size, a feature that enhances her already attractive physique. Her body is not just a sight to behold but also a testament to her commitment to maintaining her health and fitness.

Beyond her physical attributes, Angelica’s personality is what truly sets her apart. She’s sensual and affectionate, creating an atmosphere of intimacy that allows you to connect on a deeper level. Her ardent passion is infectious, igniting a spark that turns ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

In addition to her warm personality, Angelica is also indulgent. She believes in experiencing life’s pleasures to the fullest, and her favorite drink, a blend of whiskey and vodka known as “Weski” and Lichy Martini, reflects her refined taste. She enjoys sharing these indulgences with her companions, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your time together.

When it comes to intimacy, Angelica prefers the on-top position. This preference speaks volumes about her confident and assertive nature. She’s not afraid to take control and guide the experience, ensuring that both parties enjoy every moment to the fullest.

But what truly sets Angelica apart is her ability to cater to the unique needs of each companion. She understands that every individual is different and goes the extra mile to ensure that their specific preferences and desires are met. Whether it’s engaging in meaningful conversations, sharing laughter over a drink, or exploring physical intimacy, Angelica ensures that every encounter is tailor-made to provide maximum satisfaction.

Angelica is more than just a companion; she’s a confidante, a friend, and a source of unforgettable experiences. With her distinctive physical attributes, sensual personality, and commitment to providing personalized experiences, she offers a companionship experience that is second to none.