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CityXGuide Bahamas: An Overview and Its Influence on the Online Adult Entertainment Industry

CityXGuide Bahamas was a popular website that served as an online platform for escort services. The site was used widely across various locations, including the United States and other parts of the world. It allowed users to browse for Bahamas escorts by state or continent, offering a wide range of services.

The site was known for its extensive listings, which included female Nassau escorts, body massage services, sexual meetings, and more. Users could choose their nearest location and explore the available options. Some users described CityXGuide Bahamas as a leading source of online advertisements for prostitution and sex trafficking.

However, the U.S Attorney’s office shut down CityXGuide Bahamas due to its promotion of prostitution and sex trafficking. In November 2022, Wilhan Martono, the owner of, was sentenced to over eight years in federal prison for promoting online prostitution and facilitating sex trafficking.

Despite its shutdown, several alternative sites similar to CityXGuide Bahamas have emerged, such as PickEscorts, which continues to provide similar services.

While the original CityXGuide Bahamas site is no longer operational, its influence continues to be felt in the online adult entertainment industry. It’s important to note that while these sites may offer adult services, they are also often linked to illegal activities, including sex trafficking, and their use can carry significant legal and ethical implications.

Please note that this information was sourced from a web search conducted on July 20, 2023.

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