Paula Hernández

Nationality Location Language
Venezuelan Nassau Spanish
Age Eyes Hair
25 Brown Brunette
Height weight Cup Size
1.62 m 54 kg 34b Cup


Duration Incall Outcall
1 Hour $300 $300
2 Hours $600 $600
3 Hours $900 $900
4 Hours $1200 $1200
12 Hours $1800 $1800
24 Hours $2500 $2500

Escort Description

Paula Hernandez is a vibrant 25-year-old Venezuelan woman who embodies joy and energy in every aspect of her life. With an extroverted personality, she effortlessly connects with people and thrives on new experiences. Her adventurous spirit is evident in her passion for travel; she relishes exploring diverse cultures and landscapes.

Paula’s love for maintaining an active lifestyle extends to dance and other sports. Dance, for her, is not just a hobby, but a creative outlet that allows her to express herself while keeping fit. Sports, on the other hand, contribute to her healthy lifestyle and provide a sense of invigoration.

In the realm of her personal life, Paula cherishes deep physical connections and has a profound appreciation for intimacy. She views sex as a critical component of relationships, serving as a pathway to experience pleasure, intimacy, and closeness.

To sum it up, Paula Hernandez is a woman who passionately embraces life. She constantly seeks out new adventures and experiences, enriching her life and those around her. Her brown eyes sparkle with enthusiasm and curiosity, reflecting her zest for life and her Venezuelan roots.